Ranch House in 1935
Log Car
Broken Off Mountain
Southwest View
Hay Meadow
Private Picnic Area
Front of the House
Nestled in the Trees
Flowers at the House
Hen House
Old Cow Barn
Vegetable Garden
Home Up The Dodd Ranch The Kimball Ranch The Peterson Ranch
Broken Off Mountain from our Front Porch

Broken Off Mountain

A Pagosa Landmark

The face of this mountain crumbled millions of years ago, leaving a near-perpendicular cliff that is an easily-recognized landmark for travelers.
It also provides a beautiful view from the ranch house at all times of the year.

The ridge line marks the boundary of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.  According to old-timers in the family, there are ancient Indian ruins hidden on the mountain.

The meadows in this photograph are on the Peterson and Kimball ranches and provide pasture for cattle and horses in the warmer months.  We see numerous elk and deer feeding here during their semi-annual migrations.

This photograph was taken in October, when the oak trees were in full color.

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