Ranch House in 1935
Log Car
Broken Off Mountain
Southwest View
Hay Meadow
Private Picnic Area
Front of the House
Nestled in the Trees
Flowers at the House
Hen House
Old Cow Barn
Vegetable Garden
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The Ranch House and Peterson Family - Circa 1935

The Ranch House
Peterson Family

Circa 1935

This old photograph shows the ranch house as it was during the Great Depression.
Despite hard economic times, the family was rich in many ways, enjoying the fruits of the land and their close family ties.

On the left is Goldie Peterson and the little boy on the horse is Jack Peterson, who was born in the ranch house in 1930.

The house was built in 1925 from timber harvested on the ranch.  The boards were all rough-cut and their width was determined by the size of the tree.  In those days, all of the neighbors pitched in and helped build houses for each other.

The original house was much smaller and sat just behind the trees in this photograph.  It was dismantled and rebuilt into what is now the garage/shop on the ranch.

The trees shown are now fully grown and provide shade from the hot sun in the summer, yet allow sunlight to warm the house in the winter.  One of Jack's chores as a child was to water the trees using an old coffee can.

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