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Front of the House
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Cosmos by the Old Cow Barn

Cosmos by the
Old Cow Barn

Three years ago we planted a row of Cosmos in the garden by the old Cow Barn.  The next summer, after we had tilled the garden, the Cosmos spread to over half of the garden.  Then last summer they were growing everywhere!

It was absolutely wonderful to harvest our vegetables among those colorful flowers.

The Cow Barn was one of the first structures built on the ranch by John V. Peterson.  It is made from hand-hewn logs and old rough-cut lumber.  This was a working ranch with several hundred head of cattle plus horses, goats, and other animals.  Our 'garden' was originally used as a corral.

The hill behind the Cow Barn would make a beautiful site for a new home.  It rises 140' above the old ranch house and has a primitive road up it.

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