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Geothermal Energy Use
In Pagosa Springs

Geothermal Energy is Utilized in Pagosa Springs

This Schematic Shows How
The Town of Pagosa Springs
Utilizes the Natural Hot Springs
To Heat Homes and Buildings
In the Downtown Area

Since the early 1800s, the Pagosa Hot Springs has gained world-wide recognition as one of the greatest hot springs for medicinal purposes.  This is based on the unique qualities of mineral content, temperature, and location.  The Pagosa Hot Springs is the largest in Colorado, with a discharge vent of 30 feet in diameter.
The release of carbon dioxide gas causes the springs to appear to boil.

But the "Healing Waters" do more than heal in Pagosa Springs!
Because surface temperatures average 136 degrees Fahrenheit and the spring has a natural artesian flow of over 300 gallons per minute at 40 psi, this clean natural resource is used to heat local buildings.
The flow is diverted through active area wells.

In the early 1900s, the first hot water wells were drilled, and the water utilized for space heating.  In 1979, the Town of Pagosa Springs received a grant from the US Dept of Energy to develop a municipal utility using geothermal energy.

Presently, the town provides space heating for commercial businesses, public buildings, schools, and residential areas.  The system is continually expanded as more consumers go on line.

The potential of geothermal application for industrial use is great.  The natural hot water can be used for food processing, greenhouses, fish hatcheries, lumber kilns, refrigeration, fermentation, plus many other low to moderate heat industrial uses.

Research in utilizing geothermal energy is still in the infancy stage.  Progress in utilizing high temperature water systems depends on developing advanced drilling techniques and high temperature metals and plastics that are resistant to corrosion.

In the Pagosa Springs’ geothermal system, plate heat exchangers are used to transfer heat to fresh water that circulates within a closed circuit system.  This technique isolates the buildup of brine to reduce corrosion.

Consumer cost of geothermal heat is 40-75% less than other energy resource and is non-polluting.  Public interest and support would help in developing this much needed alternative energy resource.

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