Ranch House in 1935
Log Car
Broken Off Mountain
Southwest View
Hay Meadow
Private Picnic Area
Front of the House
Nestled in the Trees
Flowers at the House
Hen House
Old Cow Barn
Vegetable Garden
Home Up The Dodd Ranch The Kimball Ranch The Peterson Ranch
Hen House and Shed

Chicken House
with Brooding Pen

Aracana and Rhode Island Red Hens

A Hen
Checks Out
The Camera

We've raised hens and ducks since moving into the ranch in 1998.  This Aracana and her sisters lay blue and green eggs.  The Rhode Island Reds lay brown ones.

On Easter Morning of 2000, one of the Aracanas blessed us with a bright blue egg that had a darker blue stripe around its middle.

The hens are also great at catching grasshoppers and other bugs in and around the garden and providing fertilizer for the flowers and vegetables.

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