Ranch House in 1935
Log Car
Broken Off Mountain
Southwest View
Hay Meadow
Private Picnic Area
Front of the House
Nestled in the Trees
Flowers at the House
Hen House
Old Cow Barn
Vegetable Garden
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John V. Peterson on a Rail Car of Logs

John V. Peterson
and Friends
On A Rail Car of Logs

Circa 1905

John V. Peterson (4th from the right), who homesteaded the ranch in 1914, stands tall on a load of logs bound for market in Alamosa, Colorado and beyond.  The narrow gauge railroad passed through Pagosa Springs to a major hub in Alamosa.

Note the differing sizes of the logs.  The old Ranch House was built from trees harvested on the ranch, and each board was rough-cut into the maximum size the log would permit.  This lumber was then hand fit to fashion the walls, ceiling, and floors of the house.

John's wife Goldie never liked this photograph, as it shows John standing next to the woman who was his girlfriend at the time!

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