Ranch House in 1935
Log Car
Broken Off Mountain
Southwest View
Hay Meadow
Private Picnic Area
Front of the House
Nestled in the Trees
Flowers at the House
Hen House
Old Cow Barn
Vegetable Garden
Home Up The Dodd Ranch The Kimball Ranch The Peterson Ranch
Ranch House Nestled in the Trees

The Old Ranch House
And Its
Excellent Shade Trees

These trees were planted shortly after the house was built in 1925.
Jack Peterson, youngest son of John V. and Goldie, was delegated the responsibility of watering them every day using an old coffee can.

He apparently did his chores well, as the trees now provide cooling shade during the summer, yet allow the warming sunlight to penetrate the ranch house on cold winter days.

Jack was born in the downstairs bedroom of the house, as was his youngest daughter!

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